September 23rd, 2016

40th indicates Redditch firm is haulage heavyweight

40th indicates Redditch firm is haulage heavyweight 40th indicates Redditch firm is haulage heavyweight
Updated: 12:27 pm, Jul 15, 2016

A REDDITCH company is celebrating 40 years of keeping hauliers on the right side of the law.

Red Forge Ltd of Palmers Road, Moons Moat, was the brainchild of John Freeman, Bryan Newcombe, Sidney Marshall and Ron King who back in 1976 had all been made redundant by Lucas Industries.

Current managing director Andrew Freeman said: “During his life at Lucas my late father, John, was involved with the setting up of the Lucas B90 scheme which allowed customers to purchase re-manufactured rotating electrics for a fraction of the new replacement price – this was precisely what Red Forge was set up to replicate.”

The company prospered and John became involved with, and then became chairman of, the Institute of Road Transport Engineers.

Here he was told of hauliers running into trouble with the law due to their vehicles being overloaded.

“My Father set to developing an indicator that could be mounted on the dash of a truck to indicate the loading status. This meant that a truck could be loaded anywhere up to the legal safe weight limit without having to find a weighbridge. The Axalert™ was born,” said Andrew.

The first one was installed in 1983; John went on to be awarded a Department of Trade and Industry SMART award for innovation in 1993 and the company hasn’t looked back since. It still designs, manufactures and installs the system.

“With the growing emphasis on duty of care toward the driver, installing a Red Forge on-vehicle weighing system is a great way of ensuring compliance, and at the same time supporting British ingenuity with the understanding of the issues the vehicle operator faces,” said Andrew.

More details on Red Forge can be found at or on 01527 526112.