September 25th, 2016

£80,000 to secure Redditch wildlife habitats

£80,000 to secure Redditch wildlife habitats £80,000 to secure Redditch wildlife habitats

MORE than £80,000 has been secured by Worcestershire Wildlife Trust to improve water quality and wildlife habitats in Redditch, Bromsgrove and the Teme Valley.

The project in Redditch will focus on making improvements to the River Arrow and Blacksoil’s Brook in Arrow Valley Country Park, both of which are part of a larger project by North Worcester Water Management to reinstate the former Ipsley Mill stream.

Pike’s Pool Conservation Area will also be enhanced by the creation of a fish refuge that will create warm, still waters for fry to grow in and will also provide an area for fish to rest in when the river is fast flowing.

Not only will the project desilt the pool and reconnect it to the River Arrow but it will also open up the surrounding tree canopy by pollarding some of the trees.

Both the River Arrow and Blacksoils Brook have been canalised in the past, which has led to increased water flowing into and through the Arrow. The project aims to improve diversity of wildlife species in the stream as well to reduce the flow rate to help both wildlife and people.

Lucy Wood, Water and Wetlands Officer for the trust, said: “We’re over the moon to have secured the funding to undertake crucial work that will improve more of Worcestershire’s waterways.

“We’ll be working with local authorities, government agencies, landowners, home owners and communities along the Battlefield Brook in Bromsgrove, the River Arrow and Blacksoils Brook in Redditch and the Teme in the northwest of the county.

“The projects will involve slowing down the speed the water flows to help increase the number of species living in these watercourses as well as to reduce the potential of flooding.”