September 27th, 2016

88-year-old falls but no response from council

88-year-old falls but no response from council 88-year-old falls but no response from council

IT HAS been a fortnight of pain and discomfort for a Greenlands pensioner who is still awaiting a response from the county council two weeks after he fell down a dangerous slope which left him with cracked ribs.

Ronald Spencer, aged 88 of Ravensmere Road, slipped on the slope outside his home on July 15 and has been in pain ever since.

“I have a lot of discomfort and can’t sleep even though I have been prescribed co-codamol for the pain,” he said.

The pensioner expressed his concerns a few years ago when the public path which passes his garden gate was raised 12 inches, leaving a concrete slope towards his gate.

“At the time nothing was done about it,” Ronald added.

“So when I had my fall I asked the local authority once again.”

The pensioner added there are guard rails at other points along the street and that he would benefit from one outside his property.

He reported his fall to the Neighbourhood Centre in Woodrow the very next day and then visited the centre again this week for an update – but without success.

“They took my telephone number and said they would be in touch,” he said.

The pensioner is so upset at the lack of response he is now contemplating seeking legal advice regarding a claim for damages.

“I am beginning to wonder if it is the only way I am going to get something done about this,” he said.

A spokesperson from Worcestershire County Council said: “We are saddened at the news of Mr Spencer’s fall.

“We have a reliable reporting system, however no log of that incident can be found.

“We will, however, arrange to look at this area as a priority.”