September 28th, 2016

Alexandra Hospital surgeon sacked

Alexandra Hospital surgeon sacked Alexandra Hospital surgeon sacked
Updated: 5:22 pm, Jul 16, 2015

A SURGEON who is being investigated by police because of his patient death rate has been sacked.

Sudip Sarker, who worked at the town’s Alexandra Hospital and Worcestershire Royal, has been dismissed by Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust – more than two years after an enquiry was launched into the number of patient fatalities after surgery.

The surgeon, who specialised in bowel and colon cancer treatment, was previously allowed to work under supervision but was excluded by the trust in 2012.

It was later revealed he had double the death rate percentage of other doctors and an investigation by West Mercia Police was launched.

Although police were not specific about the number of people here treated, their inquiry included William Jones, aged 84, Daphne Taylor, aged 81, and Jean Thomas, aged 80, who all died in 2012 after surgery at the Woodrow Drive site.