September 27th, 2016

‘Annonymous Donor’ is spreading joy in Redditch

‘Annonymous Donor’ is spreading joy in Redditch ‘Annonymous Donor’ is spreading joy in Redditch
Updated: 11:17 am, Jul 01, 2016

A MYSTERIOUS good samaritan has given thousands of pounds to good causes in Redditch after reading about their troubles in the Standard.

The ‘Anonymous Donor’ has gained a reputation in the town for his random acts of kindness and recently featured in the Standard when, in a spontaneous gesture, he gave a framed poster to a lady in a cafe.

Two weeks ago he contacted us after reading of the plight of Tracie McDonough, a Redditch mum who crashed her car which resulted in her eldest son Peter, who has autism, suffering a serious head injury.

He offered a sum of money to help get her back on the road, with any remainder going to good causes of our choice.

When she heard the news the single mum was ecstatic.

“It was the best phone call I have ever had,” she said.

“I have been checking the fund-raising page and saw that I wasn’t really getting anywhere so now I am just over the moon.

“It is so amazing, I just can’t believe it. I am so, so grateful.

“The kids will be ecstatic.”

Such was the sum the Anonymous Donor left with us we chose Redditch Night Stop, which is struggling to keep its doors open to help the young homeless, and Redditch Carers Careline, which was under direct threat of closure.


Julie Hughes of Night Stop said: “This is just fantastic, absolutely fabulous.

“Any donations are obvious appreciated but to know someone has done it anonymously is just wonderful because of course they are not doing it for the recognition.

“This sort of money goes a long way for a small charity like us.

“We are so, so grateful.”

Carers Careline looks after the borough’s carers, offering help and support where needed.

Fiona Mitchell, its chief officer, said: “I cannot believe it and I really don’t know what to say except that this is good news for unpaid carers in Redditch, who provide vital support for those they care for but who are often invisible to society and feel isolated.”

Pinch yourself

Ross Crawford, editor of the Redditch Standard, said: “When the Anonymous Donor called us two weeks ago it was a pinch yourself moment – could this really be happening?

“And having met the target of Tracie McDonough he’d also given us a free hand on where the rest of the money could go.

“My colleague Lauren immediately said Night Stop and when I visited the Ecumenical Centre in Evesham Walk for its 40th birthday I met Fiona Mitchell of Carers Careline.

“She told me that this Redditch charity, which has been helping the unsung carers of this town for 28 years, was in danger of closing and, having been a carer myself, I knew immediately where the balance of the money could go.

“I hope the Anonymous Donor approves of our choices.”