September 30th, 2016

Antisocial behaviour in Alcester

Antisocial behaviour in Alcester Antisocial behaviour in Alcester
Updated: 2:49 pm, Jun 02, 2016

ANTI social behaviour has reared its head in Alcester again with five reports in the last week alone.

Fences surrounding a building site were pulled down for youths to use the unfinished skate ramps on the Jubilee Fields on Sunday (May 29).

Youths have also been causing trouble for police after they went through safety fencing and then refused to come out.

The youngsters were spotted by officers at about 8.30pm on Friday (May 27) on Gunnings Road and would not leave the area.

More youths arrived at the scene and became abusive to officers.

Another case saw youngsters shouting and swearing at members of the public at about 4.30pm on Wednesday (May 25) the caller claiming they may have been on drugs.

Speeding cars have also become an issue with one vehicle seen wheel spinning on Castle Road at 9pm on Wednesday (May 25).

A motorbike was also seen racing up and down Arden Road that Saturday (May 28) at about 10pm.