September 25th, 2016

Back campaign to support local carers

Back campaign to support local carers Back campaign to support local carers
Updated: 10:12 am, May 07, 2015

STANDARD readers are being urged to pledge their support to carers across the borough.

Carers Careline are calling on residents to vow they will identify silent carers in the community who are currently looking after loved ones.

The pledge will also mean signposting them to the charity which offers advice, training, telephone support, counselling and bereavement services.

This is the final stage of a four week campaign launched by Carers Careline alongside the Standard in a bid to shine a light on its work in the community and unpaid carers who are often overlooked.

Mayor Pat Witherspoon was the first to verbally pledge her support.

She said being a carer could be the loneliest task and she was proud to highlight the work they do.

“When you’re a carer who do you turn to to when you want a break or you need to deal with your own issues?” she added.

“This pledge to look after and look out for and support carers is just a really fantastic thing to happen. I would encourage anyone to agree to it.

“Carers can be young and old, it has no boundaries, whether it is race or religion, they are the strongest support network for many people.

“I especially want to raise the profile of young carers who are often not seen or heard.”

Wendy Pickford, chief officer for Carers Careline added: “It is really important for unpaid carers in Redditch to get the help and support they need and we urge residents to help us to identify unpaid carers who are looking after loved ones and to make anyone they know aware of our services.

“We are here to support the community and as a long standing organisation, we understand the needs of carers and have local knowledge.”