September 29th, 2016

Bailiffs bashed my car claims Mount Pleasant man

Updated: 12:45 pm, May 18, 2015

A FURIOUS Mount Pleasant resident has hit out at bailiffs claiming they have damaged his car and changed its keys after it was impounded for non-payment of parking fines.

Az Rahman’s VW Golf was seized by bailiffs Bristow Sutor from outside his Evesham Road home where, like every other resident in the area, parking restrictions mean he cannot leave his car nearby.

As a result Mr Rahman had racked up over £2,000 in unpaid fines but when he went to pay off his debt, plus a release fee – £2,895 in total – he discovered the car had been badly damaged.

“They were going to auction the car off on May 6 but I paid my debt off on May 5 and expected to be able to drive the car off.

“However I found that the arches and wings had been damaged – in fact I saw them doing it as they towed it away and I have it all on video – and that the car was in neutral.

“I always leave the car in gear, and then I found that my key wouldn’t work in the ignition.

“Then I realised that they’d broken into my car and re-programmed it so it wouldn’t start with my set of keys,” said the father of two.

“I am utterly furious and have put the matter in the hands of my solicitor.”

County councillor Robin Lunn, who with fellow councillor Graham Vickery has been trying to resolve the parking issue, said: “If Mr Rahman’s car was damaged unlawfully when taken away or had been broken into then logically he has redress against the bailiff.”

Coun Lunn also said her would be writing to parking campaigners on Mount Pleasant after a county council road gang turned up unannounced on Thursday to paint more double yellow lines there.

However after a series of phone calls it was found that the men were there in error and they were recalled.

With regards to Mr Rahman, a spokeswoman for Bartleet Road-based Bristow Sutor said they were unable to comment on individual cases.