September 23rd, 2016

Batchley Bride nearly says ‘I don’t’ after firm’s collapse

Batchley Bride nearly says ‘I don’t’ after firm’s collapse Batchley Bride nearly says ‘I don’t’ after firm’s collapse

A BATCHLEY bride-to-be was devastated when she thought she would have to cancel her wedding after losing £1,070 in the collapse of bridal company ‘Bake a Cake’.

Toni Morgan and her partner paid the fee in full, in cash, straight into the bank account of a man company boss Lisa Holt (pictured) said was her husband and business owner.

“We thought it was a bit strange that the account wasn’t in her name,” Toni added. “My partner was wary so he spoke to her on the phone beforehand.

“Now she is saying on the news that he is nothing to do with the business and he would just answer the phones occasionally.”

The couple plan to tie the knot in Tardebigge Church on August 20 2016, with a reception at Studley Road Social Club.

“We ordered a package including a photo booth, chocolate fountain, hot and cold buffet with a cake stand for 180 people and a candyfloss machine,” said Toni.

The 27-year-old had researched the company, found the website to be ‘pristine’ and even contacted previous customers who all gave good reviews.

“I am obviously devastated,” she said. “We are a young family with three young children and do not have a big budget.”

Toni, who found out about the collapse via Facebook, said she burst into tears and her inital reaction was to cancel the wedding.

“My first thought was to say I’m not doing it – I had a really rough few days and thought about just calling it all off but I picked myself up.

“I’m not sure how it’s going to work out – it’s just a blessing it’s not weeks before my day like other brides.”

Around 500 people are understood to have been affected by the collapse of Bake A Cake and a website – Bake A Cake Customers Looking for Alternative Suppliers – has attracted 2,000 members.

When The Standard tried to reach Lisa Holt we found the contact details have been removed from the website.

A message has been posted stating the company has ceased trading and that Lisa Holt is the sole trader.