September 26th, 2016

Brave Brooke boosts hospital funds

Brave Brooke boosts hospital funds Brave Brooke boosts hospital funds
Updated: 9:16 am, Sep 25, 2015

A BRAVE little girl from Wythall has raised over £500 for Birmingham Children’s Hospital (BCH) after doctors helped save her life in two open heart surgeries – at the tender age of three.

Myles Dunseith, Brooke’s father, organised the family fun day at Becketts Farm after BCH doctors spotted what was first thought to be a simple sore throat was actually something much more serious.

Brooke fell ill on March 11 and following three trips to the GP she was admitted to the Alexandra Hospital on March 28 where tests confirmed she had Group A Strep, a bacterial throat infection.

The infection had managed to get into her blood and was attacking her heart by eating away at the main artery to the left side of the heart.

Brooke was transferred to the Childrens Hospital where the doctors gave their verdict.

“We received the worst news I could ever have imagined,” said Myles, “our daughter was dying and the only way to save her life was open heart surgery.”

A ten hour operation followed replacing both a heart valve, an artery and tissue lining, but the bad news did not end there.

Four weeks later Brooke, who attends Coppice School in Wythall and starts reception in September, suffered a leak in the lining of the heart, and had to endure a second heart operation.

“Brooke being the fighter that she is, she has now started to make a full recovery,” said Myles.

“Birmingham Children’s Hospital is an absolute godsend, without them Brooke would not be here today.”

The fund-raiser, which was held on August 31, saw the Dunseith’s raise £536 for BCH.