September 26th, 2016

Burst water main cuts off supplies to large parts of Redditch

Burst water main cuts off supplies to large parts of Redditch Burst water main cuts off supplies to large parts of Redditch
The scene at the basketball courts under the A4189.

THE east side of Redditch was hit by a massive water main burst on Tuesday evening, cutting supplies to large parts of Matchborough, Winyates, Winyates Green and Church Hill and causing a major drop in pressure to surrounding areas as far afield at Studley and Mappleborough Green.

The burst, on woodland close to the basketball courts by the A4189 bridge over the River Arrow also caused severe localised flooding.

The alarm was raised at about 6.30pm and workers from Severn Trent were quickly on the scene.

However such was the size of the burst that it wasn’t until 1.30am that they managed to restore supplies fully.

While some staff worked directly on the repair others managed to put a bypass system in place to try and keep some water flowing to the affected areas.

Concerned residents resorted to bottled water over the key evening meal period, nearby supermarket Morrisons coming close to selling out while Londis in Winyates Green also saw stocks fly off the shelves.

“I was lucky, the guy next door to me is elderly and his son went off and got cases of water for us,” said Winyates Green resident Julian Prouse.

“I got up in the night about 2am and it was back on, a lot of air in the pipes but the water was flowing again.”

A spokeswoman from Morrisons said: “We were happy to help – we nearly sold out and got extra stocks in for Wednesday morning in case the problem persisted but we were just here for people.”

Severn Trent staff worked through the night to stabilise and fix the burst pipe and were still on site on Wednesday.

A spokesperson said: “We’d like to apologise to our customers in the Redditch area were affected by the burst water pipe near to the A4189 last night.

“We worked hard throughout the night to move water around our network of pipes so that we could get everyone’s water supply back on before they woke up early this morning.

“The damaged water pipe is on woodland near the A4189 and our teams are working now to fix the pipe.

“We’re sorry for the disruption this caused; we know how difficult it is to have no water, especially during this evening when everyone was trying to prepare meals and look after family.”