September 27th, 2016

Bus driver investigated over ‘irresponsible manoeuvre’

Bus driver investigated over ‘irresponsible manoeuvre’ Bus driver investigated over ‘irresponsible manoeuvre’
Updated: 10:02 am, May 07, 2015

A DIAMOND bus driver is under investigation after potentially endangering others by overtaking and parking unsafely.

Church Hill resident Ian Johnson videoed the bus at the district centre going around the wrong side of a pedestrian island to overtake two other buses which had stopped at a bus stop on the 57/58 route to drop off and pick up passengers.

The clip shows the bus stopping a short way after, right on the junction with Rickyard Lane and directly opposite Tanhouse Lane, which appears to contradict the highway code.

The code states vehicles must not overtake if they would have to enter an area designed to divide traffic or where they might come into conflict with other road users, for example approaching or at a road junction on either side of the road or when another road user would be forced to swerve or slow down.

The video also contradicts Diamond bosses’ previous claims they have sorted out historic timetable issues, which result in passengers waiting longer than expected before seeing numerous 57 or 58 buses arrive at the same time.

Mr Johnson said: “I have been constantly reassured that problems with overtaking and buses arriving simultaneously doesn’t happen, (but) the evidence suggests otherwise.

“I can understand why they don’t print timetables because they wouldn’t be worth the paper they’re written on.”

A Diamond spokesman said they had received a complaint about the incident in which one of their drivers carried out an ‘irresponsible manoeuvre’ and the driver was now being dealt with under their internal procedures.

“We take the safety and comfort of our customers, pedestrians and other road users extremely seriously and the manoeuvre undertaken by the driver is in no way reflective of our expectation from any of our drivers.”

The spokesman added the extensive regulation they had, and continued, to carry out on their services had resulted in a significant improvement in the ‘bunching of buses’ but there were times when issues beyond their control made it difficult to manage.

He said this week fare changes had resulted in increased journey times as passengers were unsure of the level of increase despite the changes being advertised two weeks in advance.

Residents have been advised if they witness or film an incident where they believe a vehicle has broken the highway code, they should call police on 101.

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