September 25th, 2016

Call to Redditch donors as video shows England rugby players bleeding for the cause

Updated: 10:46 am, Sep 18, 2015

AS the nation is gearing up to show its support for the England rugby team, NHS Blood and Transplant has revealed that less than three per cent of people aged 17 to 70 living in England have donated blood in the last year.

NHS Blood and Transplant is calling for 100,000 new volunteers to show their support in a way that really matters; by registering to become a blood donor.

People in Redditch are being asked to register as a donor and to book an appointment to donate – to literally #BleedForEngland in solidarity with the Rugby World Cup.

As part of the campaign, here’s a video exclusive to NHS Blood and Transplant showing behind the scenes footage of rugby players from the 2003 cup winning squad as they make their first blood donations and then help to create a unique artwork.