September 22nd, 2016

Big hearted Redditch youngsters rally round for Homestart

Big hearted Redditch youngsters rally round for Homestart Big hearted Redditch youngsters rally round for Homestart
Updated: 10:34 am, Aug 26, 2016

CHARITY comes full circle as teenagers who were helped by Homestart in Redditch are now paying it forward by volunteering for the cause.

Lauren Platt , Daniel Bridle, Mellia Mason have been lending a hand at Homestart as part of the NCS, government funded, programme which helps to raise awareness for local charities and communities. They spending this week handing out leaflets and trying to get the word out there before taking part in fund-raising activities next week.

Mellia, aged 16, was recently helped by the cause when her step mother fell into post-natal depression following the birth of Mellia’s sister.

Lauren said: “They helped her when she was in need of it and we hope to do the same.”

The pair will also be helping Redditch’s Nightstop and are visiting their local supermarkets on Tuesday (August 30) where they will be packing bags. On Thursday they will set up a cake sale at St Stephen’s Church in Church Green between 11am and 3pm before taking part in a sponsored walk at Arrow Vale Lake.

Lauren added: “we feel that they are two of the most beneficial charities in the area that don’t get enough help.

“ Both of these charities hold importance to our little group and we want to help them in anyway we can. We need as much help as we can get.”

Homestart’s Deb McCammon said: “This programme is fantastic to have youngsters come and help the charities who need it and spread awareness.

“It is great to see this girl who was helped by the service. It’s amazing to see a good outcome from the work we do.

“It is so important for us to spread awareness of the charity. If just 1,000 people gave £100 a year, we would be fully funded.”