September 28th, 2016

Church reveals community plan

Church reveals community plan Church reveals community plan
Updated: 10:17 am, May 07, 2015

PART of a town centre church could be demolished to make way for a £500,000 community centre.

Oasis Christian Church has revealed plans to knock down a section of the Plymouth Road building to create a new community base whilst retaining the former church.

If approved by planners, the project will see the creation of a two-storey building which will include space for meetings, as well as parent groups, youth clubs, senior lunches, marriage counselling and debt advice.

It will be wheelchair accessible and will also provide an area for music practice, dance and drama lessons, church meetings, youth activities and more.

Rev Robin Baker said the application was made following the approval of previous plans which were larger and more expensive.

“Our church is constantly growing, and a lot of people come into it through our community projects.” he said.

“We want to extend it a bit more and continue to grow.

“It will be a community building mainly but it will hopefully be big enough to hold Sunday services.

“A lot of the facilities for the community have closed down and I don’t there are enough community-based buildings left that are a good size.

“We have got facilities which are always overstretched.

“For us it will make life easier because we will not have to keep trying to make room.”

He added the drop-in service the church provides sees up to 50 people a week while the food bank has also helped nearly 1,800 residents.

“We want to continue that support and expand that. If our plans are approved I hope the community come and use it for their benefit and enjoy it.”

If permission is granted demolition would take place later this year with the work completed in 2015.