September 22nd, 2016

Concerned worker calling on bus company to up their game

Concerned worker calling on bus company to up their game Concerned worker calling on bus company to up their game
Updated: 11:09 am, Sep 16, 2016

A REDDITCH man, concerned for the safety of passengers as well as getting to work on time is calling for bus services to up their game and change for the better.

Ray Cross, who works in Redditch town centre, was not only upset about being late for work when his bus was around 50 minutes late on Tuesday (September 13) morning, but he was also worried about the safety of his fellow passengers.

“The buses were just too full and could not cope with the number of people using them. An elderly man almost fell over because there were no seats available and I dread to think what could have happened.

“I am not blaming the drivers – I know it is not their fault – but I am concerned that if something isn’t done soon, someone could have a serious accident and get hurt.”

Mr Cross has contacted Diamond directly and hopes that things will improve soon.

A spokesperson for Diamond said: “As is the case every year, the new school year starting in September brings challenges to many bus companies around the country as pupils start making unfamiliar journeys to their new schools.

“This brings disruption because we as a company have no idea how many children are going to be travelling to which schools until they make their first journeys, but now we are in the second week and passenger journeys are settling into a pattern, we have been out monitoring the services to see how they are being affected. “Service 58 in particular has seen an increase in passenger numbers so from Monday (September 19) we will be introducing a revised timetable during the morning peak using extra buses to improve capacity.

“We will continue to monitor the local services over the coming weeks and make adjustments where necessary.”

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