September 30th, 2016

Councillors sign mental health pledge

Councillors sign mental health pledge Councillors sign mental health pledge
Updated: 10:26 am, May 07, 2015

COUNCILLORS have signed up to a national pledge to reduce the stigma around mental health.

Members of Redditch Borough Council have agreed to provide more support for staff who are experiencing issues as part of the Time to Change project.

It is the 26th council in the country and believed to be one of the smallest local authorities to take part in the pledge.

The organisational pledge is a public statement which can be signed up to by any groups regardless of its size or sector and works alongside individual pledges which residents can make.

The council has provided a plan detailing the action they will take to tackle stigma and discrimination and submitted it to the charity before formally signing it as ‘an event or high profile meeting’ – expected to be at the executive meeting on Tuesday (December 16).

Leader Bill Hartnett said as part of the promise they would provide a training and awareness programme including regular events to support staff, enhancing the ‘phone a friend’ network already operated, publishing a directory and supporting the delivery of health checks.

Seconding the motion at a full council meeting on Monday (December 8), Coun Rebecca Blake said: “It’s about changing people’s perception of mental health. It’s really important for us to get our house in order if we are asking other organisations to.

“This mustn’t just be a pledge, we actually have to follow through with it and operate in a way that’s true to this pledge.”