September 25th, 2016

Diamond bus diesel all over Redditch road

Diamond bus diesel all over Redditch road Diamond bus diesel all over Redditch road

DIESEL which leaked from a Diamond bus turned Redditch roads into an ‘accident waiting to happen’ a resident has claimed.

Heather Gibbs, of Mount Pleasant, left her home at 6.45am on Monday (November 2) to find the fuel covering the roads and in a large pool of it at the Station Way bus stop.

Mrs Gibbs contacted Diamond Buses who she said put her on hold and transfered her from one office to another. She eventually called the police.

Officers told her it was the council’s responsibility to clear to road. She called Worcestershire County Council who said they would look into it but when she returned home at 10.30am the diesel was still covering the roads.

She said: “There are pools of it all over the road. It is so dangerous and with this weather it is just getting wetter and wetter. It is just an accident waiting to happen.”

A spokeswoman for Diamond Buses, said: “A call was received by the Birmingham head office to report a vehicle with a leak – this call was immediately transferred to the local Redditch Depot. Unfortunately no one was on the line when the call had been transferred.

“We also received notification via our Twitter feed of a similar report. This information was passed over to the local depot and once the vehicle had been identified it was bought into depot for repair as soon as possible.”