September 29th, 2016

Disabled man forced to pay to get rid of rats

Disabled man forced to pay to get rid of rats Disabled man forced to pay to get rid of rats
Updated: 10:22 am, May 07, 2015

A DISABLED man ended up paying out of his own pocket to remove rats from his home.

The Batchley resident, who is paraplegic and did not want to be named, contacted Worcestershire Regulatory Services after the animals were heard and seen running around during the night.

Two contractors from Cannon Pest Control came out to fix two holes in his home but the problem continued, with the rats even damaging his freshly-decorated hall walls.

His mother told the Standard after numerous attempts to find out when the company could come back to sort out the issue, her son had to resort to paying £150 himself to another business to get rid of them.

“I have spoken to various people as I just want some acknowledgement of the problem and for him to be reimbursed.

“It is disgraceful for them to leave a young man on his own. The rats had messed on all of the carpets and his dog has also been poorly, which we believe could be linked.

“He could hear them running around in the night and he was very upset about it.”

A Worcestershire Regulatory Services spokeswoman said: “The contractor has admitted to falling short in the level of service required and is currently discussing the level of refund to be paid to the clients.

“We are working with both parties to resolve the issue and gain a satisfactory outcome for the family.”

A Cannon Pest Control spokeswoman added: “We do understand how distressing and disruptive a pest problem can be. In pest control however, there is no one-size-fits-all solution and Cannon Pest Control does aim to provide the highest standards of pest control prevention and treatment.”