September 22nd, 2016

Disabled Redditch man’s mum ‘fobbed off’ by council over footpath

Disabled Redditch man’s mum ‘fobbed off’ by council over footpath Disabled Redditch man’s mum ‘fobbed off’ by council over footpath
Updated: 4:10 pm, Aug 25, 2016

A DISABLED Redditch man fears he could be trapped because of the dreadful state of a path that runs by his property which he would have to use in an emergency.

Wheelchair user Mark Peaty, of Poplar Road, Batchley, was injured during a motorcycle accident in his 20s. Now the 47-year-old is unable to get his chair down the path which leads through to the back of his home.

His mother, Elizabeth-Anne, of Foxlydiate Crescent, came to The Standard for help after Mark and other residents, including two 90-year-old neighbours, complained to the borough council only to be told they were dealing with other issues.

She said: “I have no complaints about the council, they have been really good for Mark. However, I just wish they could make up their minds over who is responsible for this footpath.

“They keep fobbing me off – they haven’t even sent someone out.

“The path from the front between the maisonettes is a complete mess. It’s okay for Mark he can go out the front but if ever there was a fire and he couldn’t he wouldn’t be able to manage getting out the back and along that path.

“Then there are two people in their 90s on either side, I don’t know how they manage as it is.

“They did half of it last year and then just left it. Winter is coming and I’m worried about how they’ll all manage.”

Mark added: “It is just a matter of time until someone has an accident and gets seriously hurt.

“It’s so dangerous. I can’t get over it in my chair. If there was an emergency I would not be able to get through.”

A borough council spokeswoman said: “A job to level the pathway at Poplar Road was raised with our contractors on August 11 and the target date for this to be completed is September 15.”