September 28th, 2016

Disc-over a bargain

Disc-over a bargain Disc-over a bargain
Updated: 10:19 am, May 07, 2015

A CHANCE to grab a piece of musical history is on offer in Redditch as 75,000 records go on sale for just £1.

Dan Reddington is selling his entire music collection from his Britten Street based warehouse on Saturday, September 6, from midday.

The Britten House site will be stacked and packed full of LPs, singles, soundtracks and more, from nearly every era and genre.

The 73-year-old has been running the online shop Reddington’s Rare Records from Unit 2 for the past few years after moving from several locations in Birmingham City Centre.

And with nearly 50 years in the industry he said it was finally time to dust off his collection and get rid of the whole lot once and for all to focus on his personal life.

“I’m still passionate about music, you don’t ever lose that. But as you get older your taste changes.” he said.

“I’ve got so many records and I can’t give 100 per cent at work anymore. There are lots of records that haven’t been touched for years and they are no good just sitting there wasting away.

“There is something for everyone and there will be some rare finds too.”

He added he was looking forward to talking to music fans again.

“It will be nice to see people looking through and talking about music, you can learn an awful lot. And if you buy a record and take it home and don’t like it, you haven’t lost out because it was only £1.

“Downloads just don’t compare to having that record. People want something that’s physical. You ask anyone what their first record was and they will still know straight away.”