September 29th, 2016

Dog left in apalling condition says warden

Dog left in apalling condition says warden Dog left in apalling condition says warden
Updated: 10:16 am, May 07, 2015

A local dog warden has spoken of her heartache at seeing the appalling condition a dog was left in.

Buddy was found near Studley in an emaciated condition and taken immediately to the village’s Acorn Veterinary Centre who contacted Lisa Parkes, Stratford District Council’s Dog Warden.

“I took one look at him and felt tears rising,” she said.

“He was so weak; his legs could hardly support his skeletal frame. His low-hanging head, dull eyes and nervous temperament spoke volumes. I held him against me and vowed he would never suffer ever again.”

Buddy was emaciated and riddled with fleas; with sore hocks, overgrown nails and multiple scarring to his face, but owing to his friendly nature, Lisa christened him ‘Buddy’.

However she was warned of the high risk of ‘Refeeding Syndrome’ and the dangers of literally killing him with kindness. ‘Buddy’ was prescribed medication, treated accordingly and transferred by Lisa to the holding kennels.

Being fed just two mouthfuls of food every two hours, Buddy’s health remained in peril and a subsequent veterinary report placed his body condition at a score of one out of nine; the lowest score possible.

An initial post to the district’s Dog Warden Facebook page appealing for information reached over 300,000 people yet proved futile in determining Buddy’s history however the public, moved by his plight responded with gifts of bedding, towels and coats.

“Despite his trauma, Buddy’s character began to shine at the holding kennels and he made firm friends with a juvenile Beagle type – christened Hattie – who was also found straying on the same day,” said Lisa.

Buddy and Hattie were then transferred to the Life Commitment Dog Rescue service and although Lisa describes finding a home for a Staffordshire bull terrier type like Buddy as a ‘golden ticket’ she said it was still too early to find a permanent home for him.

“He gained 3kg in just seven days and continues to make steady progress and although wobbly on his feet, he is coming on in leaps and bounds,” she said.

“I wish Buddy a lifetime of love, luck and happiness. He has stolen a piece of my heart and wholeheartedly deserves the best.”