September 25th, 2016

Dog mauled cat to death

A GREENLANDS woman has been left devastated after witnessing her cat being crushed to death in the jaws of a dog three times its size.

The resident, who does not want to be named, saw the attack happening on her front lawn as she looked out of her kitchen window.

After rushing outside she saw her pet hanging from the dog’s mouth with only her tail and back legs visible.

“It was the most awful thing I have ever been through – it was horrifc,” she added.

The cat was mauled by a husky-type dog, which was on a lead, but the woman said its owner, a man, did not try to stop the attack and even tried to run away as she made her way outside.

“She didn’t stand a chance, she was like a rag-doll,” the woman added. “I picked her up and every bone in her body seemed broken.”

Eight-and-a-half year old Sequin had been hand-reared from a two-week-old kitten after being rescued with her brother Oscar.

“She was part of the family. I have two dogs myself so this isn’t a hate campaign but I think people should be made aware of how dangerous they can be.”

The woman hopes other Redditch residents who may experience such incidents will report them.

“This has totally destroyed my life – I relive the attack every time I go into the kitchen.”

Calie Rydings, senior RSPCA press officer, said: “This sounds like a horrifying incident. I hope this serves as a reminder to people that they have a legal responsibility to keep their dogs under control in public and take all sensible precautions.”