September 24th, 2016

Double trouble six times over

Double trouble six times over Double trouble six times over
Updated: 10:05 am, May 07, 2015

DOUBLE trouble is in store six times over for staff at Feckenham Nursery School.

This year they have an incredible six sets of twins, meaning the 12 siblings make up nearly half of their overall intake of 30.

As well as identical brothers Marcus and Ethan Sandell, aged two, there are also five non-identical sets including Maisey and Fred Bray and their cousins Nicole and Natalia Bray, all aged two.

The three remaining twin-sets are Joe and Riley Wheate-Price, two, Oakley and Brody Minchin, two, and Charlie and Amelie Cumming, four.

Nursing manager Sam Richins said: “Having worked at the nursery for 21 years, it is lovely to have so many sets of twins which is rather unusual for a small village setting.

“Staff are however relieved that the six sets are not all identical.”