September 28th, 2016

Easter gathering at crosses

Easter gathering at crosses Easter gathering at crosses
Updated: 9:49 am, May 07, 2015

THESE are the three giant crosses where people from across Europe will meet to mark Good Friday today.

The 20-year-old tradition has been organised by Jon and Muriel Richards after they decided to put up the crosses on their land at Haye Pastures Farm in Mappleborough Green.

From 11.30am the middle cross will be taken down and carried to The Dog car park where a congregation will meet to re-enact the steps of Jesus’ crucifixion.

It will then be carried back through the fields and put up again before a service by Rev David Silvester commences.

The pilgrimage has received international attention, attracting people from all over Europe and the Midlands. The crosses are also illuminated at night.

Mr Richards said the day was always ‘extremely moving’.

“It is wonderful to see lots of people here on the day. We have had all weathers including wind and snow, but people always come.” he said.

“Some people become tearful because it is just that moving.”

He added elderly people or anyone with a disability can drive onto the field if the walk would be too far, while after the service hot cross buns and drinks will be available.