September 25th, 2016

Elections 2016: Police and Crime Commissioner candidates vying for your vote

Elections 2016: Police and Crime Commissioner candidates vying for your vote Elections 2016: Police and Crime Commissioner candidates vying for your vote
Updated: 2:59 pm, Apr 29, 2016

SIX candidates are vying to become West Mercia’s next Police and Crime Commissioner on Thursday, May 5, but who are they and why do they think they should be the next person to hold our police force to account, to cut crime and to make sure police are working effectively?

Vying for your vote are:

John-Paul Campion (Conservative): “I offer a fresh take on the problems in West Mercia. We have seen some crime rising, one in ten burglaries resulting in a successful prosecution and council tax rising as a result. I will work hard to put this right by making sure we bring criminals to justice faster and that we are on the side of victims.”

Daniel Walton (Labour): “It is my absolute priority to get better funding for one of our most important public services across the three counties. Since 2010 West Mercia Police Force has seen savage cuts amounting to £44million. Whilst the police service continues to do a great job against rising crime they are being asked to do more with less.”

Margaret Rowley (Lib Dem) “West Mercia has been rated as one of the five worst performing police forces in the country. We deserve better. To get that, we need a new approach. I will demand immediate improvements to cut crime and prevent re-offending. I will ensure the police work more closely with local communities, meet local needs and tackle local priorities.”

Barrie Sheldon (Independent): “I am the only true independent candidate. It is important that policing remains independent and impartial and that party politics are kept well away from policing. I would adopt the same leadership style as the current Commissioner with a focus on both people and communities. Local policing must be protected and strengthened at all costs.”

John Raine (Green Party): “I have a strong blend of knowledge about policing, crime and justice as a university professor who has been working with senior police and justice sector practitioners for 36 years. I will provide more support to victims to encourage them to report crimes and I will prioritise speed enforcement and press for more 20mph speed limits on residential roads.”

Peter Jewell (Ukip): “As PCC, I would be alert to the possible use of the latest technology such as helmet or lapel cameras, to be linked to a police operations centre, which I believe would both assist officers and improve policing. I would use every means to communicate with all groups in the community from younger people, to the elderly, and to ensure their legitimate concerns are addressed.”