September 26th, 2016

Elsie flies flag for Magna Carta contest success

Elsie flies flag for Magna Carta contest success Elsie flies flag for Magna Carta contest success

ONE little girl’s imagination became reality when Redditch MP Karen Lumley dropped in on Webheath First School to present a very special gift.

Earlier this year pupils at the school entered a national competition to design a flag to celebrate the 800th anniversary of the signing of Magna Carta and the 750th anniversary of the Simon de Monfort Parliament, the first steps in our democracy.

Year One pupil Elsie Simpson’s design was chosen and not only beat off all comers in Redditch, but triumphed across the whole of Worcestershire to win the honour of flying outside the Houses of Parliament and then at Runnymede where Magna Carta was signed all those years ago.

And last Friday Mrs Lumley went to the Downsell Road school to present the actual flag itself – measuring 8ft by 6ft – to Elsie and the school.

Thrilled teacher Mandy King said: “It’s been a real privilege for the school for Elsie to have achieved this and we are really proud.”

“We’re now looking at getting an extra flag pole so that we can fly the flag here too.”

Mrs Lumley said: “The flag is incredible, and it’s huge. I think her mum and dad are getting a smaller version so they can fly it outside their caravan when they go on holiday.”

Elsie’s flag brilliantly combines the medieval with the modern in its representation of the town and features the Redditch Kingfisher, the Bromsgrove Highway cloverleaf, crossed needles and the River Arrow.