September 24th, 2016

Fears ‘dead arm’ bridge in Alvechurch will be fatal

Fears ‘dead arm’ bridge in Alvechurch will be fatal Fears ‘dead arm’ bridge in Alvechurch will be fatal
Updated: 9:25 am, Sep 09, 2016

A COMMUNITY group is calling for a rotting bridge above a canal in Alvechurch to be demolished, claiming it is an accident waiting to happen.

Members of the Worcester-Birmingham and Droitwich Canal Society (WBDCS) have written to the Canal and River Trust in a bid to get something done about the walkway.

The bridge, built in 1985 during the construction of the M42 after the canal had to be re-routed, has been dubbed the ‘dead arm’ by residents who also say its condition has deteriorated over the years.

And despite the fact it has been cordoned off, Tony Brannon said he had seen children risking their safety, trying to climb on to it.

Mr Brannon said: “This footbridge is in a very sorry state, is an eyesore to the local community and could, in my opinion, be considered as very dangerous.

“If children or any irresponsible people try to clamber on to this bridge there is a significant chance it might actually cause severe injury or even death.

“We have already seen a terrible accident, unrelated, on the Droitwich Canal and here is another possible location where something awful might occur in the future.”

WBDC chair David Wheeler and Mr Brannon both wrote to CRT Waterways manager Nick Worthington requesting the removal of the bridge.

And Alvechurch Parish Council chair Andy Humphries also contacted the Canal and River Trust but, he said, he was told it was too expensive to remove.

The Canal and River Trust’s waterway manager Nick Worthington said: “Our engineers regularly inspect all of our structures to make sure they’re safe.” But he added: “We’ve asked them to take a further look as David and Tony have been in touch.”