October 1st, 2016

Football coach needed

Football coach needed Football coach needed
Updated: 9:51 am, May 07, 2015

A VOLUNTARY group is looking for a coach to help improve the football skills of members with learning disabilities.

One of the current coaches at Special Olympics Redditch is set to move on but organisers Elaine and Ron Daykin are hoping to attract a new recruit to the role.

Their weekly training session runs from 6pm to 8pm every Monday evening at Trinity High School, with around 20 athletes attending.

Ron said: “Whoever joins us will get a lot of self satisfaction because firstly they’re doing something they enjoy which is a good starting point.

“Also they will be able to see what other people are getting out of it within a short space of time as well as themselves and what the players are achieving.”

Potential coaches will need to have a basic football qualification, although further training can be provided as part of their induction, and will need to have a DBS check which Special Olympics Redditch will cover the cost of. Anyone interested in volunteering who has an interest in sport but no qualifications should also get in touch.

E-mail ron.daykin1956@gmail.com or call 01527 542831 for more information.