September 25th, 2016

Fringe benefits

Fringe benefits Fringe benefits
Updated: 3:47 pm, Aug 21, 2015

THE town’s own Indigo arts have been enjoying their sixth Edinburgh Festival Fringe production and rubbing shoulders with the great and good as they compete with more than 3,000 shows on stage in the Scottish capital.

Ashes and Blood which premiered in the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, earlier this month, is a production put together by the company based on the folklore behind the Cinderella story.

Written by Cathy Moss, it encompasses rock and pop arrangements by Jo Ollier and has been well received, delighting Redditch audiences, as well as proving popular on its opening night at the Fringe, with two thirds of the seats sold in advance.

Given that the average Fringe audience is three, and Indigo arts have always managed at least one sell out show in everyone of their five previous Fringe productions, this Redditch company certainly holding their own on the international stage.

The show ran for six nights at the company’s regular Greenside Royal Terrace venue, with the final performance on Saturday, August 15.

In addition the company was busy promoting the show every day on the Royal Mile, singing songs to the huge crowds that come for the festival.

Company director Cathy Moss said: “It is incredibly hard work, as however tired you are as a company, and a run of six performances certainly taxes the energy levels, you have to make sure you are down at the Mile every day selling that show.

“That means that the delivery on the stages has to be as good as the show, and the dynamics have to be such that you will draw people to you and persuade them that yours is the one show, out of the other 3,000 plus, that they want to see.”

They returned to Redditch on Sunday.