September 25th, 2016

Future’s secure for Globe House

Future’s secure for Globe House Future’s secure for Globe House
Updated: 2:19 pm, Aug 08, 2015

THE FUTURE of Alcester’s landmark Globe House has been secured following a meeting of Stratford District Council.

Warwickshire County Council have been granted a 99-year lease for the building which is home to the Alcester Museum, public library and Alcester Town Council.

The building will undergo renovation work to create a community ‘cultural hub’ and will provide a permanent home for a number of voluntary organisations and police reporting services.

“It’s all jolly exciting,” said Mike Gittus, Alcester town councillor. “It’s great opportunity to bring everyone together – there will be a period of disturbance but my gosh it will be worth it.”

Councillors and town clerks have until September 4 to move their offices out of the building and will mainly be working from home and from the town’s Jubilee Centre during the overhaul.

The group also hope to set up a once or twice weekly desk in the library to maintain a public ‘base’ from which surgeries will be able to operate until Globe House re-opens on January 1.