September 28th, 2016

Get nurse jobs on the day

Get nurse jobs on the day Get nurse jobs on the day

JOBS will be offered on the day at a major nurse recruitment event planned at the Alexandra Hospital for September 19.

As revealed in last week’s Redditch Standard, Worcestershire Acute Hospitals NHS Trust (WAHT) has been hit by staff shortages and rising bills for temporary staff – to the extent of paying out nearly £1 million a month for agency staff.

Now in an effort to forestall staff shortages the trust, which also offers a route to full nurse training for health care assistants, is looking to build up a bank of nursing staff and health care assistants.

Denise Harnin, director of human resources, said: “We have a number of measures in place to address recruitment issues, including detailed workforce planning, more opportunities for nurses to rotate into different specialties and our third recruitment open day, to be held at the Alexandra Hospital on September 19.”

She added that the trust was also putting tighter controls on the usse of agency staff.

Many nurses go to an agency because it often pays better than working for the NHS and they can choose the hours they do.

Harry Turner, chairman of WAHT said: “There’s a national initiative aimed at capping the levels that agencies can pay.

“That’s one way of reducing the costs, another way would be to reduce the volume of agency staff used – to do that we need to recruit more nurses, see them trained and then attract even more.”