October 1st, 2016

Guilty plea was long time coming says Redditch dad

Guilty plea was long time coming says Redditch dad Guilty plea was long time coming says Redditch dad
Emma Flatley
Updated: 9:40 am, Jul 15, 2016

GRIEVING Redditch dad has spoken of his beloved daughter as he awaits pre-sentence reports on the man who has pleaded guilty to causing her death by careless driving.

21-year-old Emma Flatley died after the moped she was riding was hit from behind by a car driven by Ryan Ireland, 23, of St Catherine’s Road, Evesham, as she travelled along the A46 dual carriageway towards Bidford on Avon on October 28 last year.

Emma’s father Vincent said the family were ‘hoping against hope’ that Ireland would receive a custodial sentence for taking their daughter from them.

“A community order to us would be nothing but an insult because the evidence clearly stated he did not brake before hitting Emma, he just careered straight into the back of her.

“A custodial sentence won’t bring her back and we have to live with that for the rest of our lives, but it would be recognition of what he did.”

Emma, a former pupil of Trinity High School, was a popular youth centre worker, who worked in Redditch and Evesham as well as helping students with learning difficulties in Kidderminster.

“She just seemed to have a knack with young people and I know she’s missed by all those she helped,” said Mr Flatley.

In fact Emma had made such an impact in her working life that she was awarded a posthumous Pride of Redditch award for all her work helping young people.

Now after nine months of waiting, caused said Mr Flatley by Ireland repeatedly pleading not guilty to the charge, closure of a sort is within reach for her family.

“It has been a long time and if he had done the right thing in the first place by pleading guilty when he was first questioned it would not have dragged on so long,” said Mr Flatley.

“When he was first interviewed and again a month later he stuck to his original story that Emma was criss-crossing the road. The case then went off for reports and he still pleaded not guilty but then he changed his plea.

“It’s been very traumatic for us as a family, and this has been a long time coming.”

Mr Flatley said the family want to be in court when the judge, Recorder Adrian Redgrave QC, pronounces sentence on Ireland.

The case, at Warwick Crown Court, has been adjourned until Friday, July 29 for reports.