September 30th, 2016

Hangover cure to your door

Hangover cure to your door Hangover cure to your door
Updated: 10:05 am, May 07, 2015

HANGOVER cures are set to be delivered to Alcester residents in need after a big night out.

New venture Hangover Cure To Your Door is the brainchild of Danni Shadlock Le Resche who saw a story about a similar scheme set up in Kent on Facebook.

She told the Standard before having her three children, she had always joked with her friend about getting someone to bring them snacks after they had enjoyed a few drinks.

“When I saw the story I thought this is what I have always been on about doing and never done. Someone had shared it on Facebook and said we could really do with this in Warwickshire.” she said.

“I think there really is a need for it. As well as people not wanting to leave the house because of feeling ill, there is the safety aspect as people aren’t getting in their cars when they could quite possibly still be over the limit.

“It will be a trial and error to see how it goes and if anyone has got any ideas I am more than willing to listen to what they’ve got to say.”

Danni will be accepting orders for general groceries, painkillers, snacks and McDonald’s which she will drop off in Alcester and the surrounding villages for a small charge between 10am and 12pm on weekends.

Find ‘Hangover Cure To Your Door’ on Facebook for more information.