September 24th, 2016

Highway bridge review gets family’s support

Highway bridge review gets family’s support Highway bridge review gets family’s support
Updated: 12:11 pm, Jul 22, 2016

THE DAUGHTER of one of the men who lost their lives on the Bromsgrove Highway footbridge has spoken of her relief at the county council’s U-turn on the decision to review caging the walk way.

Rachel Wright lost her father, Dean, in 2007 after he tragically took his own life due to a sudden onset of depression, and his family feel if Muskets Way Bridge had been caged then he would still be alive now.

“He had never suffered from any mental health issues in the past,” she said.

“He felt unwell at work and left to walk home when he crossed the bridge.

“He had been to the doctor who found he could communicate fully with him and there was no sign that he was suicidal.”

The family were once again reminded of their loss this month after another incident on the bridge saw a man lose his life on Sunday, July 3, once again sparking a campaign to get it caged off.

Worcestershire county council met last week where they discussed the issue which saw a heated debate, Councillor Joe Baker (Lab, Arrow Valley East) reading out a letter from Rachel, telling council chiefs that those who commit suicide are not just numbers but people who are loved and missed by their families.

The original protest took place in 2012 and this latest one was initially met with a flat refusal to cage the bridge – at an estimated cost of £60,000.

However since then council leader Simon Geraghty (Con, Worcs, Riverside) offered to set up a working party to look into the proposal.

“My mum lives near that bridge still and every time we hear the air ambulance it just all comes back,” said Rachel.

“It is such a relief that the council are finally looking at it. we just hope now something will be done and no other families have to suffer.”

She also gave a heartfelt thanks Coun Baker for his tireless efforts to get the bridge caged.