September 27th, 2016

Hole outside Redditch Library remains a mystery

Hole outside Redditch Library remains a mystery Hole outside Redditch Library remains a mystery
Updated: 3:48 pm, May 12, 2016

MYSTERY still surrounds the gaping hole which has been left in the middle of the pavement outside the Redditch Library for months on end.

The area was dug up ages ago and has been left fenced off ever since.

When asked, a spokesman Worcestershire County Council, which would normally have responsibility for the overall look of the towns roads and footpaths, said they were not the one to dig up the area and did not own the land. Therefore it is not their responsibility to repair it.

And so far the council has not been able to find out who does own the land or who started the excavation work.

“The area that has been excavated is not within the public highway and is not owned by Redditch Borough Council. Highways personnel have made the area safe whilst we seek to establish ownership and get the area reinstated,” added the spokesman.

However the council believes the area could come under the jurisdiction of the Kingfisher Shopping Centre, but their representatives were unavailable for comment.

The reason behind the original work remains a mystery but the council said whoever started the excavation will be responsible for repairing the pavement.

Staff at the library said they believe the hole is now getting filled in. When The Standard visited the site some of the hole has been levelled with concrete but full repairs had still not been completed.