September 25th, 2016

Holly steps up to coach Redditch men’s team

Holly steps up to coach Redditch men’s team Holly steps up to coach Redditch men’s team

HOLLY Chapman is making waves on the basketball court – by coaching the Redditch men’s senior squad.

The 22-year-old has been basketball mad since she started playing aged 10 and since then has been busy pursuing her hoop dreams to the extent that next season she’ll also be taking on the role of manager and assistant coach of the town’s Under 18 team in the national league.

“I love basketball, there’s the adrenaline, it’s hands on and really physical – it’s a fantastic sport,” said the Callow Hill resident.

Holly has always played for Redditch and when the then coach Dave Bradshaw said he wanted to step down, he encouraged her to step up.

“He’s been a real mentor to me, I did my Levels 1 and 2 coaching and took over but he has helped me, especially with planning for different skills,” said the graduate services manager with Atos.

“He’s also helped by giving me an insight into getting my message across to the men.

“It’s a different approach to coaching women – they sit and listen then plan what they’re going to do, while men just want to get on and play the game,” said Holly.

“I take a very democratic approach, if we have a big game coming up we do some of what they want to do but also some of what I need to tell them.”

With the club well into the summer league – a friendly, less competitive round of games – Holly will be taking time out to see how the men shape up before helping to select the squad going into the critical winter season.

Redditch Basketball Club is based at Arrow Vale Sport Centre and more details can be found at .