September 27th, 2016

Homes bid stirs Studley concerns

Homes bid stirs Studley concerns Homes bid stirs Studley concerns

A FORMER Studley district councillor has spoken of her concerns should plans go ahead to build over 100 new homes on land at the back of the Alexandra Hospital in Redditch.

Long time campaigner Hazel Wright believes any such development, outlined in Borough of Redditch Local Plan 4 would have a devastating effect on the village.

“We would entirely lose the differential between the two,” she said, “One area is urban, the other is rural, one is Warwickshire, the other is Worcestershire and both who be affected by any blurring of the lines between the two.”

The plans would bring houses up close to the edge of Green Lane, which carries the line of the county border, and an emergency exit from any estate built there would give out onto that narrow, tree-lined road. The main access to the development would be off Nine Days Lane in Redditch.

Studley parish council has already declared itself against the proposal and has enlisted the help of the Sustainable Communities Act to combat any attempts to build on the site.

“This is not about people needing more houses,” said Mrs Wright, “because as far as I can see there is plenty of land available within Redditch already.”

There is pressure to build on land butting right up to the A435 corridor as far as Mappleborough Green, an area also seen as possible for development by Redditch planners.

This pressure is likely to increase if and when the Redditch Eastern Gateway development is given the go-ahead.