September 26th, 2016

Hypnotist cures our Redditch reporter by tapping into fears

Hypnotist cures our Redditch reporter by tapping into fears Hypnotist cures our Redditch reporter by tapping into fears
Updated: 3:04 pm, May 06, 2016

AS May gets underway residents across Redditch are turning their minds to summer holidays.

But the lure of turquoise waters and golden sands may prove out of reach for some due to a crippling fear of flying.

And it’s a feeling The Standard’s Beth Wright knows all too well, having suffered with the fear since she was a little girl – and claustrophobia.

So when Winyates-based hypnotherapist Mark Powlett offered to help her overcome her fears before a trip to America, she jumped at it.

For as long as I can remember I’ve suffered with claustrophobia and been terrified of going in lifts. But now, at the age of 26 I thought it was about time I addressed them.

Mark told me learn the only two fears we are born with are fear of falling and loud noises – everything else can be ‘unlearnt’.

During two sessions we worked on a variety of hypnosis techniques including Eye Movement Desensitisation and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), sometimes known as tapping.

Afterwards I was amazed by how calm; just by following Mark’s fingers as he moved them in front of my face from side to side, mimicking the way our eyes move when we are sleeping, I instantly felt better.

EMDR is used for a number of conditions and devotees say moving your eyes from left to right between 25 and 30 times, can diminish negative memories.

But it was the tapping that really seemed to do the trick for me.

After around five minutes of EFT, which includes tapping on certain pressure points around the face, body and hands and repeating an affirmation, it was incredible how I tapped away my anxiety.

Although I was still apprehensive I was able to not only go in a lift but travel up one level, tapping as we did so, to the first floor.

The relief and sheer joy I felt were immeasurable.

Thanks to Mark, who also uses Brain Working Recursive Therapy (BWRT), I feel like a burden has been lifted from my shoulders and the world – or at least Las Vegas – is my oyster.

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