September 26th, 2016

Interference by Worcestershire officer ‘shocking’

Interference by Worcestershire officer ‘shocking’ Interference by Worcestershire officer ‘shocking’
Updated: 4:42 pm, Jun 30, 2016

ANGRY county councillors have hit out after a meeting to discuss the future of Children’s Services in Worcestershire had to be postponed because the public had not been notified.

The discussion was meant to take place on Tuesday (June 28) after proposals had been made to transfer responsibility of certain centres to schools.

The meeting was postponed by chairman Richard Uddal (Lab, St Johns) who claims a council officer had refused to put out a press release to inform the public so they could attend, as he had asked.

“I consider this to be an interference with the democratic will of the members who have called in the scrutiny and an interference with the independence of scrutiny.

“I will not tolerate Senior Officers of the Council interfering with the political process. I shall be making a formal complaint to the Chief Executive.

“All I wanted was for the public to be made aware of the meeting. When the meeting is rearranged I will ensure plenty of public notice will be provided.”


Coun Peter McDonald (Lab, Beacon) said: “This is absolutely shocking and disgraceful that a chief officer should try and stop the workings of a democratically elected body trying to fulfill their obligations and duties to those who elected them.

“This issue of cutting back on Children’s Centre buildings means the cutting back on services so vitally important to families and the lives of our future generations.”

The meeting has been rescheduled for Friday (July 1) at 9am at County Hall.

A spokesperson for the County Council said: “As with any other meeting, this meeting was published on the Council’s public website last week.

“The chairman took the decision to postpone the meeting to enable the publication of the meeting date wider and potentially get greater public participation. All our public meetings are an important part of the democratic process and how we do business and are therefore always published on our website.”