October 1st, 2016

Kittens saved from certain death outside Redditch Police Station

TWO KITTENS were rescued from certain death on Monday (August 3) when they were found outside Redditch Police Station in a tiny cardboard box.

The animals were dumped in a container, measuring only 4 centimetres from front to back, outside of an outbuilding next to the station, causing officers to contact Birmingham Cats Protection in Hollywood.

“We were upset when we saw the state they were in,” said Paula Beswick, deputy manager. “The box, which was about as big as an A4 piece of paper, had been taped up with only a few pencil holes punched in the side for air holes.

“The kittens were piled on top of one another with hardly any breathing space and the heat that came out of the box when we opened it – well, the animals would have most definitely suffocated if they had been left in there.”

The youngsters, estimated at 13 weeks old, were also wearing flea collars that must have been fastened when they were very young as the chemicals had started to kill off the fur around their necks.

“They are the most beautiful kittens,” Paula added. “They are the sweetest, most affectionate animlas we have had in the centre for a long time, they are very gentle and spend all day washing each other.”

Paula added that although the centre does not condone it, leaving animals in a safe container and in a safe spot such as outside a centre like the Cats Protection, is a much more responsible way to deal with no longer being able to cope with a pet.

Re-named Ant and Dec the duo are now on the lookout for a new home where they can grow old together.

If you are interested in re-homing the pair please call 01564 822020.