October 1st, 2016

Labour wins first three seats announced in local Redditch election

THE Labour party hit the ground running at the count at The Abbey Stadium when they were the first to gain three consecutive seats on Redditch Borough to the delight of the councillors.

Coun Joe Baker was the first to win his spot in Greenlands with 791 votes with his closest rival being Ukip who had 432.

He said: “I feel very relieved and pleased that the residents have again put their faith in me. I think this is because I have always been visually good. I have to give credit to the whole of the labour team and i am so grateful Greenlands have put their trust in me once again. I just hope this continue through the night.

John Fisher was next to claim his seat for Match borough with just 46 votes seperating him from the Conservative candidate, he said:”I am delighted. We really have put a lot into keeping control of the council. We have achieved a lot in difficult circumstances with financial cuts and I believe this is the right direction for the town.”

Lodge Park was the next result announced with continuing cheers from the Labour group after staggering 646 votes were counted , more than 400 more than his closest rival from the Ukip party.

“I feel exhausted but great. I feel it is not just this election but 19 years of hard work. I try to get out in the community and hold at least one surgery a week.”