September 25th, 2016

Lack of response ‘putting people off’

Lack of response ‘putting people off’ Lack of response ‘putting people off’
Updated: 10:05 am, May 07, 2015

RESIDENTS are being put off reporting drugs-related crimes because they often do not hear back from police, Redditch’s community safety chief has claimed.

Coun Yvonne Smith told West Mercia Police and Crime Panel last Tuesday (December 9) people felt discouraged about contacting the police if they then heard nothing back and the situation was happening frequently.

The Winyates ward councillor, who also has responsibility for community safety on Redditch Borough Council, said: “I have had various reports of people being able to smell cannabis, or seeing groups meeting in alleyways using cannabis or knowing an address where drug dealing is going on. First of all, these people are often very afraid to come forward to report people because sometimes there are unpleasant individuals involved in that activity.

“When they do come forward, do you have a mechanism to report back? People say yes I have reported this but nothing has happened. It puts people off if they never hear anything back.”

Deputy chief constable Anthony Bangham said they did try to let people know what was happening, including publicising warrants which had been issued and carried out on social media and through Neighbourhood Watch.

“Sometimes if we have got individuals who give us their details we would do our best to go back to them.” he added.