September 25th, 2016

Looking for new wheels

Looking for new wheels Looking for new wheels
Updated: 10:23 am, May 07, 2015

VOLUNTEERS spending their spare time saving lives are on the hunt for a new vehicle.

The 4×4 owned by Redditch Community First Responders failed its MOT and needs more work done than the car is worth, but they have a chance to purchase a fully kitted out vehicle from an ambulance trust for £4,000.

The 12-strong team, who are currently training up two new recruits, give up their time outside work and other commitments to be on call in case of emergency. They are notified when a 999 call is made and are often first on the scene to administer first aid while West Midlands Ambulance Service sends out its own paramedics.

Kelly O’Brien, the group’s fund-raiser, said the car would come completely equipped and they already had money to cover the insurance but needed help to raise enough to purchase the vehicle.

She added: “The ambulance service don’t have 4×4 coverage around our area so when the weather’s bad we can get to places they can’t.

“There is one 4×4 in Bromsgrove but none in Redditch, so in terms of the community it is really valuable for us to have.”

Businesses who sponsor the group will have their logo displayed on the car as a thank you while anyone wishing to donate can download the Barclays Ping It App – even if they are not a Barclays customer – to search Redditch First Responders and make an instant donation.

Donations can also be made by searching the group on Facebook or Twitter, e-mailing or calling Kelly on 07850 555978.