September 25th, 2016

Man sold cannabis after losing job

Man sold cannabis after losing job Man sold cannabis after losing job
Updated: 10:12 am, May 07, 2015

A DRUG dealer admitted selling cannabis because he had lost his job and had no benefits.

Simon Lynn was jailed for nine months at Warwick Crown Court after pleading guilty to possession of more than £2,000 worth of cannabis with intent to supply it.

The 37-year-old, of Alauna Avenue in Alcester, was caught out after being stopped by police for speeding through Studley on December 11 last year.

Officers seized a wrap of cannabis from the driver’s door pocket and arrested him for possession.

When police told him they were searching his home, Lynn pleaded with them not to go to the address in Studley his car was registered to as he didn’t live there and it was his uncle’s who was ill.

He gave them his actual address and told officers they would find more cannabis in the kitchen as he sold it to make money.

Lynn told them: “I’m unemployed and don’t get the dole. It was getting expensive, so I started selling it.”

Police seized a package of cannabis weighing 234 grams, which would have been worth £2,340 in street level deals, as well as other smaller amounts of the drug.

Lynn spent 12 months in jail after being convicted in 2001 of possessing cannabis with intent to supply and was fined for possessing cannabis in 2003.

Fergus Maxwell, defending, said Lynn had smoked cannabis for a number of years but had only been dealing for a short period of time.

“Mr Lynn is a hard-working gentleman with family commitments who unfortunately has an issue with cannabis use,” he said.

“He had lost his job a short time before because of his uncle’s illness. Prior to that he had been able to fund his cannabis use through legitimate means.”

Recorder John Edwards told Lynn his sentence had been dramatically reduced because of his attitude towards his offence.

“You were dealing in cannabis; admittedly on the bottom rung of the ladder, but dealing nonetheless.”

Lynn was also told to forfeit £240 in cash found on him when he was arrested.