September 28th, 2016

Mindu shares her survival story with Redditch

Mindu shares her survival story with Redditch Mindu shares her survival story with Redditch
Updated: 3:15 pm, May 06, 2016

THE TOWN’S RSA Academy Arrow Vale welcomed a very special guest last week to present a very moving testimony to pupils.

Mindu Hornick, an Auschwitz survivor, visited the Green Sward Lane site on Friday (April 29) to share her story with staff and pupils in the school’s Rhett Theatre.

Mindu’s visit came after the school hosted a special exhibition through the Anne Frank Trust UK.

Anne Frank: A History for Today explored her life and diary and aimed at challenging visitors into thinking how such issues she and her family faced are still relevant today.

During an assembly Mindu shared her story during a testimony and question and answer session with students.

The 87-year-old told how she managed to escape the trauma of the infamous inmate tattoos.

She said: “I can’t remember if the ink or the needle ran out but I was waved on and told to come back the next day but I never went back and escaped the tattoos.”

After the discussion Mindu joined the peer guides and teaching staff for a viewing of the exhibition and lunch.

Anne Frank: A History for Today has provided a rewarding opportunity for 24 of Arrow Vale’s Year 9 students who were responsible for running the event and guiding fellow students and their teachers around the exhibition.

The event also brought together the string of RSA Academies with Ipsley, Hollyhead and Church Hill Middle all taking part.

Now the exhibition has moved on, 12 of the guides will be selected to go on and become Ambassadors for the Anne Frank Trust UK and have the opportunity to undertake further guide training to run the larger Anne Frank + You Exhibition which travels around the country.