September 23rd, 2016

Mum sets up free job ads on Facebook

Mum sets up free job ads on Facebook Mum sets up free job ads on Facebook
Updated: 3:40 pm, May 12, 2015

A REDDITCH mum is dedicating herself to finding work for the local unemployed – by using Facebook direct from her Woodrow home.

Louise Fletcher says she got fed-up with the town’s Job Centre after her partner David Crump failed to find work after five months trying through the centre’s universal job match programme.

“He found it absolutely useless – everyone does a CV and sends it off but you never hear anything after that – we found it really frustrating and we just got tired of it in the end.” said Louise.

Instead she turned to her computer and set up a group on Facebook called JOB vacancies in Redditch&Bromsgrove offering a service which is totally free.

“Often people have left school or college with few or no qualifications and so they’ve got nothing to put down on their CVs.” said Louise, who left Harris Brushes in Bromsgrove to have her second child.

“We want to put a stop to employers asking for just a CV. We want employers to speak to the people who want a job, get a feel for them as a person not judge by a piece of paper, after all, all employers were all once in our shoes at one point.

“It`s becoming very successful with two of our members finding employment within the first week of it being created.

“We`ve even had employers coming to us as they are struggling to fill their vacancies. It’s absolutely free to advertise with us and I don’t charge for my work.” she added.

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