September 25th, 2016

Needle heritage points to Entaco

Needle heritage points to Entaco Needle heritage points to Entaco
Updated: 3:51 pm, Jun 09, 2016

A FACT finding mission by Studley Heritage Group has taken it to Entaco an old established Studley firm that now operating in Redditch.

The group, backed by Lottery Funding, is currently working hard on its needle heritage project.

Entaco (the English Needle & Tackle Company) has been in production in various guises for over 275 years.

A beacon of innovation and heritage, known for the highest quality needles. the firm’s Karen Parry surprised the group by revealing that it is is now ‘one of only three remaining needle manufacturers worldwide who offer quality needles.’

During their tour the group discovered that manufacturing needles has changed very little over the centuries. Building on decades of experience, many of the old traditional methods and skills are still in use today, passed on by people who started their working life in Studley’s old Arrow Works on Birmingham Road.

Studley resident and Stratford District Councillor Hazel Wright said: “Looking back, many local people and their families must have worked for Entaco and have memories to share of working days, either in the factory or as outreach workers.

“Studley Heritage Group want to hear from people willing to share memories and anecdotes of time spent in needle manufacturing.”

Please contact either Hazel Wright 01527 852899, or email group co-ordinator Joy Pegrum at