September 22nd, 2016

New appeal as Redditch criminals named Most Wanted

Updated: 11:05 am, Jul 07, 2015

A PAIR of Redditch criminals are among a new appeal for Britain’s most wanted fugitives.

Independent UK crime-fighting charity Crimestoppers and the National Crime Agency (NCA) are once again seeking Britain’s most wanted criminals.

The appeal is the latest to be launched under Operation Captura – a multi-agency campaign to track down individuals believed to be evading capture by hiding among ex-pat communities in Spain.

The ten fugitives added to the list are wanted by UK law enforcement agencies in connection with crimes including rape, indecent assault of a child and drug trafficking.

A digital screen, attached to the back of a van, is touring Spain and parking outside nightclubs, bars, British supermarkets and restaurants to try and find them.

Michael Roden, 25, is wanted by West Midlands Police on suspicion of conspiracy to import cannabis. Roden, who has the nickname ‘Dodge’, is allegedly a member of an organised crime group.

He is wanted in connection with the importation of 70 kilos of cannabis into the UK from Spain between April 2013 and September 2013.

Roden was previously convicted in October 2010 of large-scale production of cannabis and jailed for three years.

Following his early release in 2011, Roden failed to meet the conditions set by the Probation Service and is wanted for recall to prison. Roden, originally from Redditch is 6ft 1 ins tall.

Paul Buchanan, 29, is wanted by West Mercia Police on suspicion of attempted rape.

Buchanan, originally from New York, is believed to have followed a woman near his flat in Redditch, pulled her down a driveway, pushed her over a car, and attempted to rape her.

The victim screamed which alerted the residents of a nearby house who came to her aid. Buchanan fled the scene. He is described as 5ft, 10 ins tall.

Roger Critchell, Director of Operations for Crimestoppers, said: “This is something that we have never done before but we believe that broadcasting these fugitives’ faces right in their back yards will not only encourage the public to speak up but show these individuals that there really is nowhere to hide.

“There will be no avoiding the faces on this screen – they’ll be broadcast in all the popular ex-pat areas.

“I would urge anyone who recognises any of those faces to contact Crimestoppers anonymously. We don’t take personal details and you won’t have to give a statement or go to court.

“Many of these fugitives are currently living a life of leisure funded by serious crime. They cannot be allowed to hide forever, they must be brought to justice. Do the right thing and help us find them.”