September 27th, 2016

New Chief Constable is ready for a challenge

New Chief Constable is ready for a challenge New Chief Constable is ready for a challenge
Updated: 4:41 pm, Aug 11, 2016

RESIDENTS should feel that nothing is too trivial for the police – that’s the message from the new Chief Constable of West Mercia Police – former Redditch beat bobby Anthony Bangham.

Promising a stronger, more compassionate and confident police force the new Chief Con returned to his Redditch roots on Wednesday (August 10) he said: “What inspired me as an officer at the start also inspires me as a Chief Constable. Just being here today, the memories come flooding back of my first arrest in the Kingfisher.

“As we walk around I want people to be able to see me or another officer and be able to approach me and talk to me.”

Crime rates may be higher in Redditch than any other part of Worcestershire but Chief Con Bangham was keen to emphasise how Redditch is a safe place to live.

“There is a lot of fear of crime in Redditch, and throughout West Mercia, and I really want install more confidence in the community. The facts are that most people in West Mercia will not become a victim of crime and that is something we want to reinforce as of policing to make people feel safe and secure.”

And he assured the community there were no plans to merge West Mercia with Warwickshire Police but said their close partnership allows them to access further resources should a major incident occur.

The threat of terrorism is something which is hitting hard on social media but Chief Con Bangham said there were strategies in place to deal with potential threats or incidents.

Another hot topic across the region is immigration, particularly given the region’s extensive motorway network.

“Our concern is for human wellfare,” he said. “Many of these people come through in refrigerator lorries and are putting their lives at risk. They are often vulnerable people who are susceptible to crime and trafficking. “

His overall plan for West Mercia is to establish good relationships with the public and the media and make sure residents feel safe a secure throughout the region.